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No Client Brief Description Budget (€) Duration Progress %
1 Erasmus+ Programme.
Turkey National Agency
iSTART: A Lean-Training, Innovative, Multidisciplinary Digital Entrepreneurship Platform – in a consortium of six partners. YASAR University, Izmir Turkey, Coordinator 239.640 11/16-2/19 Completed successfully 14%
2 European Commission “STARTIFY7. A Team Building, Thematically-Focused & Lean-Training Summer Academy System for Young Future ICT Entrepreneurs”.


Project No. 644424
1.423.165 1/15-12/16 Completed successfully 4,5%
3 The Research Council Oman Provision of services for “Igniting the Incubator in the Innovation Park Muscat (IPM)” 42.000 2/15-7/15 Completed successfully 100%
4 Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece TRIGGER - Transnational Initiative for Guidance of the Graduated and Entrepreneurship:

• Virtual Incubator
• Pre -Incubator
185.519 6/14-9/15 Completed successfully 17,9%
5 Hellenic General Secretariat of Youth Provision of Management Services for “Entrepreneurship Hub of Central Macedonia based in Thessaloniki” (INTERIM PHASE) 12.000 2/14-5/14 Completed successfully 100%
6 Hellenic General Secretariat of Youth Provision of Management Services for “Entrepreneurship Hub of Central Macedonia based in Thessaloniki” (PILOT PHASE) ΜIS 375033 9.428,57 3/13-6/13 Completed successfully 100%
7 Euroconsultants SA Training of Entrepreneurs on Intellectual Properties on behalf of Kilkis Chamber of Commerce 6.000 3/11-7/11 Completed successfully 100%
8 Managing Authority Region of Central Macedonia TOPSA CENTRAL MACEDONIA - THESSALONIKI INTELLIGENT CITY iQ. Mentoring of new entrepreneurs 380.000 1/13-6/14 Completed successfully 7%
9 Managing Authority Region of Epirus TOPSA EPIRUS - C.ΙΝ.Ε.ΕΜ. Coordinator. Training and Mentoring of new entrepreneurs 410.000 2/13-7/14 Completed successfully 12%
10 Euroconsultants SA Developing Business for the TRC Science and Technology Park Oman 11.000 5/11-7/12 Completed successfully 100%
11 Euroconsultants SA Feasibility Study for the establishment of a Third Party Financing Mechanism (TPF) for energy efficiency in Region of Western Macedonia 15.000 1/10-4/10 Completed successfully 100%
12 Euroconsultants DTM Feasibility and Marketing Study for the Entrepreneurs and Handicrafts Incubator of behalf of the Social Development Center, Member of Qatar Foundation 65.000 10/10-5/11 Completed successfully 60%
13 Euroconsultants SA Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement (MARIE) 100.000 7/12-8/14 Completed successfully 100%
14 University of Salford External evaluation of the INNOPOLIS project 10.000 5/10-12/12 Completed successfully 100%
15 Euroconsultants SA “IPR for South East Europe” project - provision of expert consulting services, including training on IP for start-ups, gaining competitive advantage using IP and trade fairs and IP protection, on behalf of Chamber of Kilkis and the Greek International Business Association 7.200 3/11-12/11 Completed successfully 100%
16 Regional Authority of Central Macedonia MedLab: Mediterranean Living Lab for Territorial Innovation (IG-MED08-280) – provision of expert consulting services 72.200 7/10-10/11 Completed successfully 31%
17 Meta Group Europe INNOVA – TAKE IT UP Provision of expertise for the Expert Validation Platform (EVP) 200 (daily rate) 9/09 - 8/12 Completed successfully 100%
18 Euroconsultants SA Business Planning for Serres TEI Incubator for Innovative Companies 16.500 11/10-12/10 Completed successfully 100%
19 Euroconsultants SA ZEP Kozani Innovative Business Incubator Business Plan and Marketing Study 30.000 10/09-12/09 Completed successfully 100%
20 University of Patras Feasibility study for the creation of the University of Patras Incubator 33.000 7/09-12/09 Completed successfully 100%
21 General Secretariat for Research and Technology Innovation Voucher 7.000 6/09-10/09 Completed successfully 100%
Learning Platform

Provision of expert services in relation to good practice exchange scheme piloting exercise
16.000 3/09-7/09 Completed successfully 100%
23 Euroconsultants SA University of Western Macedonia - INTERREG IIIB-ARCHIMED

Elaboration and update of the Business Plan of the “Centre for Research and Application of Energy Developments in Western Macedonia”
11.344 2/09-2/09 Completed successfully 100%
24 INTRASOFT International S.A. eTen 046323 - “eMARKS”

Market data collection and analysis for the completion of the eMARKS Business Plan
35.400 10/08-3/09 Completed successfully 100%
25 University of Western Macedonia INTERREG IIIB-ARCHIMED

Marketing plan and dissemination activities of the “Centre for Energy in W. Macedonia”
8.403 11/08-12/08 Completed successfully 100%
26 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki “Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia”

Service provision for “Dissemination of business intelligence strategies and tools”
9.400 10/08-10/08 Completed successfully 100%
27 Euroconsultants SA “Alexandrian Innovation Zone of Thessaloniki SA”

Provision of expertise for the “Strategic and Business planning of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone”
6.000 10/08-12/08 Completed successfully 100%
28 Thessaloniki Technology Park “Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia”

Organisation of a business plan contest
4.500 9/08-10/08 Completed successfully 100%
29 Euroconsultants SA Consulting support for business plan development of two innovative start-up companies 14.500 7/08-10/08 Completed successfully 100%
30 Euroconsultants SA “Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia – Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia”

Study for the development strategy of the Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia
33.613 4/08-10/08 Completed successfully 100%

Provision of expertise in the technical assistance project for the development of incubators supporting women entrepreneurship
28.250 9/07-12/08 Completed successfully 100%
32 Euroconsultants SA Regional Authority of Central Macedonia

Pilot implementation of digital platform of marketing innovation for the “MEDI-CUBE” project under INTERREG/ ARCHIMED
25.000 1/08-3/08 Completed successfully 100%
33 Euroconsultants SA Row 3, Content 2General Secretariat for Research & Technology – Greece

Study for the analysis of the innovation absorption capacity in the Western Balkan Countries under the SEE-ERA.NET program
6.000 10/07-12/07 Completed successfully 100%
34 Euroconsultants SA Hellenic Ministry of Education

Study for the development of indicators for education & training – Creation of employment & training Observatory

Management and coordination of Working Group
12.605 7/07-9/07 Completed successfully 100%
35 Kostas Daniilides “Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia”

Support services for spin-off creation www.kapou.gr
48.145 3/07-9/08 Completed successfully 100%
36 Athanasios Tsiggos “Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia”

Support services for spin-off creation
48.200 3/07-9/08 Completed successfully 100%
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