ktirio700full Here inventions become Innovations,
Ideas evolve into Products &
People transform into Entrepreneurs.
Incubation 4 Growth

What we do

We incubate

We provide startups a modern & fully functional office space to set up their business instantly, while keeping their costs at a minimum.

We support

We're working closely with the founders providing our knowledge, network and connections to grow their business.

We invest

We actively try to support our startups financially through our own investments, access to other VC's / angel investors and participation in EU support programs.

We transfer know-how

We make use of our 13 years of experience to support other incubators and technology parks around the world to efficiently operate and/or establish new projects.

What we look for

Tech Startups

We welcome startups who use technology to disrupt their market.

Science Startups

We give scientists the opportunity to turn their inventions and research results into sustainable enterprises.


We seek teams of 2 -3 individuals with complementary skills and tremendous work ethic.


We believe that passion is the fuel to run a startup. So, be sure you have enough before applying.


Ideally, we want startups with sufficient size of opportunity and scalable business model.


More important than great ideas, are people with great visions.

Sounds good? We've got you covered!




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