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i4G is a Greek-based Incubator running also a seed investment fund for tech and science startups. It is home to a vibrant community of more than 120 people, designed to create opportunities, to share knowledge and expertise, offer cross-sector business opportunities and inspire them to achieve new levels of success.

The mission of i4G is to be a fundamental piece of the startup ecosystem of Greece, connecting the entrepreneurial, tech, and science communities to achieve greater good.

The vision of i4G is to be recognised as a top location of choice for startups in South East Europe to build world-class business.



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1st private business incubator in Greece

  • 2003 Founding Year

    Incubation for Growth is founded as a business unit of Euroconsultants SA.

    The unit runs on a 3 year total budget of €5m funded equally by the GSRT and private investment ("eleftho" program).

  • 2004 1st Seed Investment

    Incubation for Growth signs its 1st seed investment in an IT startup founded the same year.

  • 2005 Awarded as Most Promising New Incubator

    International Conference"Best Practices in Science Based Incubators" - 12/2005/Turin, Italy.

    1st International Award for the Most Promising New Incubator over 2005.

    Under the auspices of CSES, Gate2Growth, UKBIA, NBIA.

  • 2006 100% occupancy

    Occupancy reached 100% and has remained at this level to date.

    Yearly turnaround of 2 companies since (average).

  • 2007 Dedicated Management Company

    i4G SA, a spin off of EUROCONSULTANTS, the parent company.

  • 2008 Establishment of 4 Incubators in Turkey

    i4G participates in a consortium to establish 4 Incubators for women's entrepreneurship in Turkey.

  • 2009 Listing of investee on Stock Exchange

    Investee is listed on PlusMarkets London, the third Stock Exchange platform in the UK after LSE and AIM and proceeds with private placements.

  • 2010 New Project: Incubator Doha, Qatar

    i4G is selected to establish Qatar Business Incubator Center (QBIC) in the new Industrial Zone of Doha, Qatar. The Project is funded by the Social Development Center, member of the Qatar Foundation.

  • 2011 Major infrastructure upgrade

    Significant improvements in infrastructure (building, equipment, chicaneries, energy efficiency).

  • 2012 Start of i4Gpro - Entrepreneurship Hub in i4G

    Beginning of the pre-accelerator programme "i4Gpro".

  • New Project: KOM Science Park, Muscat, Oman

    i4G and the International Association of Science Parks are selected to conduct the new 10-year Strategic Plan for Knowledge Oasis Muscat in Oman.

  • 2014 New Project: Igniting the IPM Incubator Oman, Muscat

    i4G is selected to bring into operational status the Incubator and its common workshops of Innovation Park Muscat (a new STP next to Sultan Qaboos University).

  • 2015 New Project: Startify7

    Startify7 is an EU Horizon2020 funded program for enhancing entrepreneurship in Universties.

  • 2016 iGrowLabs - From Brain Drain to Brain Gain

    iGrowLabs is a joint effort of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Association of ICT companies of Northern Greece powered by i4G to bring together students and post graduate students with ICT companies with the help ot the Chamber.

  • 2017 New Project: iStart

    iStart is an EU Erasmus funded program for digital entrepreneurship training.

  • 2017 Start of i4Gpro - New Building in city center

    Beginning of the pre-accelerator programme "i4Gpro" in new location, in the city center right across the Aristotle University and within the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair complex.

  • i4G (Main Office)

    21 Antonis Tritsis Str.

    57001 Thessaloniki

    Building B


    154 Egnatia Ave.

    54636 Thessaloniki

    TIF complex, Building 1

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